Sunday, June 03, 2007

Four new Footstep "starts"

CA (May 30, 07)-

Minutes- Fifth Meeting

Minutes – five : 010607/em
Date : 1st June, 2007..
Participants : Carol Archer / Even Mak @ The Grand Stage, Western Market, Hong Kong.

Contents :

Following up from previous meeting, discussion of ongoing “Footstep” project

1. Carol expects to devote more time to artwork from September.
2. Even is searching for a new studio close by, and then will have more time for ceramic and 2D artwork.
3. Carol suggests that we continue our collaboration and whoever starts the A4 size artwork will be responsible to end it.
4. Carol started with four images of images based on Macau inner sole makers' technology and transformed by the computer, before being transferred to blank(3) or already painted watercolour paper (1).
5. Carol also proposes we give exchange artworks at each meeting. Carol will continue to initiate works on paper. Even may produce ceramic works for Carol to work on or 2D works on paper.
5. We agreed to do more pictures in this manner and choose for our exhibition in the future.

Minutes - Fourth Meeting

Minutes – four : 230307/em
Date : 23rd Mar,2007
Participants : Carol Archer / Even Mak @ Saint’s Alp teahouse, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Contents :

Regarding the coming exhibition that follows the initial “Footstep” exhibition at University of Macau's Library Gallery

1. Carol and Even had small celebration of our first exhibition.
2. Both of us agreed to continue our exploration of body art through collaboration and Carol would like to try to work on clay with bare feet if possible
3. Invited by the “Too Art Gallery” of art center to have our second exhibition of “Footstep” when Even visited the gallery coordinator in March 2007.
4. After consideration by Carol and Even time schedule on coming year, we agreed to postpone the second exhibition on 2008 due to Carol has accepted a post at Lingnam University from September 2007 and expects to be very busy.