Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dancing on clay and paper

For the Macao exhibition in November, Even suggests that she and Carol make a ceramic piece that involves dancing on a clay slab. Carol is enthusiastic about this. The piece would complement the emerging work on paper.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Details of Even and Carol's "Footstep" works on paper

Carol sent Even some A4 sized works on paper to add to. Even joined the panels together and danced on them, initiating the "footstep" works pictured here. Even is currently working on ceramic pieces based on casts of dancers' feet, and plans to send one to Carol to paint. The joint exhibition of ceramic and mixed media pieces, titled "Footstep", will be shown in the University of Macau Library Gallery in November.

Even Mak and Carol Archer

Even Mak and Carol Archer first met in the late nineties in the drawing classes which were a component of the HK Arts Centre/RMIT University Visual Art degree programme. In early 2006, they decided to collaborate on a project concerning the feet - sparked by Carol's desire to work collaboratively and Even's ballet training and her sense of its impact on the feet.