Sunday, September 23, 2007

Minutes– six:170907/em

Minute – six : 170907/em
Date : 17th Sept, 2007..
Participants : Carol Archer / Even Mak @Royal Capital Seafood Restaurant (Tsuen Wan).

Contents :

Following up from previous meeting, discussion of ongoing “Footstep” project:

1. Carol and Even's preliminary plan is to hold the next “Footstep” exhibition in June or November/ December 2008.
2. Even returned the paper art work begun by Carol (using foot images produced by orthotic -maker's technology) with her own painterly additions.
3. We agreed not to limit the number of times the work goes back and forth. Instead we will reach a mutual agreement on when the work is complete.
4. Carol has moved in Gold Coast of Tuen Mun for she has started her teaching in Lingnan University, and intends to make space and time for art.
5. Even has moved to a studio that is close to her residence and plans to start working by end of October.
6. Carol would like to collaborate with Even in casting her limbs for further exploration.

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